Student Successes & Testimonials

I first began private coaching sessions with Andrew Lyons when I was around 10 years old. Today I am an Australian Ballet School graduate and a professional dancer & artist with Queensland Ballet Company.

Put simply, Andrew is an integral part of where I am today. Andrew not only imparts to his students highly developed technical and artistic skills, he instills in them discipline, determination, passion and drive.

Every student of this art form is going to encounter obstacles and challenges between themselves and their end goals. I can say honestly that Andrew’s guidance and mentorship have equipped me to navigate the sometimes daunting journey of the young professional artist.

Prior to my deciding to follow the path of being a professional artist, Andrew coached me through all of my Royal Academy of Dance examinations passing each exam with a distinction mark. I have been the recipient and winner of many competitions and eisteddfods where the choreography performed was created and coached by Andrew Lyons.

Andrew not only teaches you how to dance and perform to the highest level, he teaches you how to work. I believe this is very unique. His contribution to my success has been invaluable.

Be prepared to work hard, be prepared to learn but more importantly be prepared to be inspired. Andrew Lyons is world class training.

David Power
– Artist – Queensland Ballet

Andrew Lyons has been one of the most influential and pivotal classical ballet teachers in my fifteen years of study. Working with him has always been a great pleasure for me.

I, along with countless other dancers, have benefited greatly from Mr Lyons’ unique ability to interweave highly developed technique with the integral (and often forgotten) artistic elements of classical ballet training.

Mr Lyons coached me for the majority of my Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Vocational Graded classical ballet examinations, all of which I received a score of 90% or above. I also received a mark of 100% with High Distinction for one of my exams, a result I strongly attribute to his coaching.

He has also assisted me in preparing me for numerous scholarship, competition and award performances a stand out being my being awarded the Royal Academy Jacqueline Moreland Scholarship.

The combination of his coaching, choreography and guidance has in fact been instrumental to me winning several major completions and awards.

The encouragement I received from him helped grow my artistry as a young dancer to a point where I was confident enough to stand out in auditions. This led to me being chosen for principal roles in Brisbane City Youth Ballet’s productions as well as roles with Queensland Ballet ‘s Junior Extension Program allowing me to perform professionally on stage with the company.

Invaluably, I feel I gained Mr Lyons ‘ insight into exactly what is required to thrive in the professional dance environment. His ability to impart what he had learned as a professional dancer prepared me for so much more than just doing the steps making me feel that I was on ahead of the game as I transitioned from being a student into a professional environment.

Any student lucky enough to be taught by Mr Lyons will grow not just as a dancer but also as an artist and person.

Hannah Hughes
– Queenlsand Ballet Junior Extension Program

My parents had heard about a male dance coach named Andrew Lyons. I had also heard of his extremely exacting standards so I was nervous when my parents arranged for me to attend private coaching with Andrew for my Classical Ballet and Contemporary dance studies at the age of 9.

I soon realized that whilst Andrew is very exacting he is also a warm and nurturing teacher.

Like many other of Andrews students I passed all of my Royal Academy of Dance examinations with distinction under his watchful eye. A high point for me was winning my Classical Section of the McDonalds Performing Arts Challenge with a beautiful classical solo choreographed and coached by Andrew.

I believe Andrew’s greatest gift is his ability to communicate and breakdown often complex concepts into easy to understand application.

This year I began my professional career with the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company. I can’t thank Andrew enough for the strong technique, love of dance and the persistent work ethic he instilled in me in my formative years as a young student dancer.

Nathan Mennis
– Artist – Royal New Zealand Ballet

“I believe that there is much more involved in preparing a student for an exam, competition, audition or, for the serious student, a career in professional dance than simply learning, practising and rehearsing the steps...”