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Professional Dance Coaching Services

Based in Brisbane Australia

Private Coaching

Nothing can replace one on one coaching in the dance arena. Many young artists now seek out private coaching for; exam & competition preparation (solos and groups), auditions and audition videos, choreography & mentoring. Andrew has a proven results based track record in the successful coaching of young dancers in all of these disciplines.

Small Group Coaching

Coaching in small groups can also be highly effective. Andrew Lyons also offers coaching to small groups (maximum of 4). This also offers cost sharing opportunities to parents.

Specialised Coaching for Male Dancers

Classical and Contemporary Dance are NOT the same for male and female dancers. Many steps in the classical repertoire for example are performed exclusively by male dancers. It is very important that every male student has a male teacher in some part of their weekly class schedule. Andrew offers specialised one on one coaching for the male dancer.

Pas de Deux/ Partnering

The ability to partner is a whole entire technique and skill all by itself and requires years of study to ensure it looks effortless (and is above all safe!). For male dancers the ability to partner well can be a career maker or breaker. Understanding the female component of what is required for a successful Pas De Deux performance is also a specialised skill. Andrew Lyons brings with him years of partnering experience having performed Pas De Deux in dozens of ballets and contemporary works on the professional stage.


Anyone with basic dance training can string steps together. The ability to choreograph a piece that is powerful and showcases the dancer’s individual abilities takes experience and instinct. Many of the pieces Andrew has choreographed over the years have been singled out for their professional craftsmanship, polish & musicality helping to position the student in the winning line up.


Andrew has adjudicated for several eisteddfods and competitions and is available as a freelance dance adjudicator.

Adult Ballet Classes

Andrew is available for adult ballet classes for individuals or groups. Levels offered are from beginners all the way through to advanced.

Professional Private Company Viewings

Andrew organises regular visits for his private coaching students to view classes and rehearsals with professional companies such as The Australian Ballet.

Dance Coaching Prices

Private Coaching
Private Lesson – 1 Hour $80.00 (Inc GST)
Private Lesson – 45 Minutes $65 (Inc GST)

 Group Coaching
Group Intensive Class – 1 Hour – $80 (Inc GST – Maximum of 4 Students)

 Pas De Deux and Partnering
Pricing by arrangement – dependent on level

 Adult Ballet Class
Group Class – 1 Hour $15 (Inc GST – Minimum of 6 Students)

Pricing by arrangement – dependent on level

By Arrangement

“I believe that there is much more involved in preparing a student for an exam, competition, audition or, for the serious student, a career in professional dance than simply learning, practising and rehearsing the steps...”

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